Welcome to Breaking It Down, a newsletter where I plan to take you along on my journey to better understand our climate crisis and what I can do to help. 

So why a newsletter? A little background….

Earlier this year, I left my job as COO of Meetup a year after it was acquired by WeWork. I took six months off to hang out with my six- and three-year-old, and now I’ve started to figure out what’s next. I’ve become convinced that I must work on our climate crisis. (Note that I won’t use the term “climate change.” Language matters, and “change” doesn’t convey the requisite urgency.) The problem is that I don’t yet know what to do. I’m not a scientist. I’ve worked in tech on building software, and in journalism. Many of the solutions to this crisis will require innovations in science and not-just-digital engineering. 

My goal is to continue learning about the problems and potential solutions by tackling one topic at a time. As the name of the newsletter implies, I hope to break down complicated issues into news you can use, rather than go deep into the often conflicting scientific or policy explanations. I’ll tell you why you should care about the topic, share some things I’ve learned that give me hope that change is possible and suggest a specific way that you can have an impact. 

The best way to learn is to get feedback so please let me know what you found interesting. What do you want to see more or less of? Has anything inspired you to make changes in your daily routine?